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Kilchis River
“The Kilchis clears quicker and drops into shape quicker than any other coastal river.” Says Pat Abel with Pat Abel’s Guide Service (503-307-6033. “So it’s pretty much your only alternative when other rivers are high and out of shape.”

Because the Kilchis is fishing a day or two earlier than its neighboring rivers, expect to find a crowd. “The pressure on the Kilchis has really increased in recent years, especially last year since the Wilson was so high for so long. But it worked out well, since the Kilchis had a great run last year.” Says Abel, who is hopeful for another good run of large Fall Chinook.

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When fishing in Oregon and on popular Northwest rivers and streams there are lots of popular words that come to mind.

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Fishing guides for salmon and steelhead use various methods depending on water conditions, time of year and other variables. Drift boats are used to navigate popular Rivers take the Kilchis is in Oregon. The Kilchis River is home to lots of good fishing. Contact an Oregon fishing guide today and fish the Kilchis River.

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“Anytime after the 1st of November, watch the rivers. Start fishing the Kilchis once there is enough rain to raise the rivers and keep them at fishable levels for a couple of days.” Says Abel. “I watch the Wilson River Gauge as an indicator for the Kilchis, if the Wilson is high, then I’ll fish the Kilchis.”

“I like to fish 4 ways. Back bounce eggs, run Kwikfish, Diver and Bait and Bobber fish.” Suggests Abel. “It’s a lot of rods to pack in a drift boat, but1of those 4 are going to produce.”

When the river gets lots of pressure it’s tough to find any water that hasn’t been fished. But if you can find small unfished pockets or holes that haven’t been fished too hard, it can often pay off. To find these small pockets, you may need to make multiple drifts in a day.

When running Kwikfish there is no need to run a diver in front of the plug, since there isn’t much deep water on the Kilchis. Running 5-feet of 40-pound Monofilament leader and 50-65 pound braided line will insure that you will not break off any fish or lose plugs when snagged up.

There are only 2 launches for a drift boat on the Kilchis; The Kilchis County Park and the Logger Bridge. The Kilchis County Park is the uppermost launch for a drift boat, and gives anglers a full day drift to the take out at Hwy 101. While the drift from the Logger Bridge is a little over a half day drifts. No matter what drift you choose, be aware of fallen trees and strainers, especially after a wind storm.

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The Kilchis
 River Facts

The Kilchis River is a river, approximately 15 miles long, on the coast of northwest Oregon in the United States. It drains in the Northern Oregon Coast Range west of Portland.

It rises in two forks northern Tillamook County in the Tillamook State Forest northeast of Bay City. The North Fork and South Fork, each 5 miles long, flow west before joining. The combined river flows southwest, entering the southeast end of Tillamook Bay approximately 4 miles northwest of the town of Tillamook.

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The river descends swiftly from its headwaters at an elevation of 1000 ft over its short course to the ocean. The mouth of the river is approximately 1 mile north of the mouth of the nearby Wilson River and approximately 2 miles north of the mouth of the Trask River. The river flows in the mountains until reaching the ocean.

The river is noted for its runs of steelhead and for whitewater rafting. Its lower portion features deep holes suitable for swimming , although the water is generally considered too cold except on the hottest days of summer.

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